Episode 7: Connecting with your Customers Again


Thank you for joining Episode 7 of our Season 2 of the Reboot Program. We now begin applying what we have learned so far. In this episode, Gabe Baradi talks about how to connect with your customers again. 


Welcome back! We covered the essential service values in Season 1, which will help us develop the Growth Mindset and build more meaningful connections with the people around us – our family, friends, community, employer, colleagues, and our customers. So far, Season 2 has shared with you skills on how to become a self-leader. This episode and the next ones will focus on how you can apply all the skills at work starting with our Customers. 

As frontliners and businesses in the service industry, our real work is to bring joy, great experiences and solutions to customers. This is what people really buy whenever they order from your restaurant, or buy clothes, gadgets, or books from your stores. 

If we understand this simple yet complex role as service frontliners, then it will help us understand what we need to do to deliver this kind of experience to our customers. 

Here are 2 principles to help you understand how to connect with customers again:

  1. Use Gratitude to lead your day. From the time you wake up, if you and your loved ones are safe and well, let gratitude start your day right. Even if commuting to work has its challenges, let gratitude redirect your negative feelings towards being thankful that you still have work to go to. If you see a co-worker who may be triggering you to feel negatively, think of how having him or her there with you is so much better than having to do all the work by yourself. If gratitude has helped us survive the morning so far, how do we practice GRATITUDE when a customer walks inside our store or restaurant? Is the task of fixing the shelves or making a report for the head office more URGENT AND IMPORTANT compared to welcoming that customer who decided to give us another chance? I will leave this question for you to answer. 

    In the past episodes, we have broken down the essential skills and values that will help you be better at work. Now is the time to apply them together. When customers purchase things or food online, there is no frontliner in that experience. But as long as customers still need to go to stores and dine inside restaurants, which is happening again, you must understand why frontliners are still relevant. Why YOU are still relevant. Frontliners who will continue the old habit of ignoring the customers entering their stores and not caring whether the customer buys or not are making themselves irrelevant in this new world. We now live in a new world where everyone has seen and experienced the value of frontliners like you. Service frontliners are always relevant because we are all human beings and it is natural for us to connect with other human beings. If we always remember this simple truth, we will be able to connect with any customer coming back to our store.
  2. Sell Trust. If you are a frontliner, you are constantly selling something and it’s beyond the product, food or service you are offering at your store. You are selling TRUST. Any customer has a wide range of options to choose from, if they are giving you a chance by entering your store or calling to place an order, they are placing their trust in you and your company. How will you respond to that kind of gift? Great Customer Service is selling trust along with the product or food we are serving. 

    The quarantine has made all of us experience how it is to be isolated and it feels unnatural and lonely not to be able to connect with each other, right? So when you go back to work, no matter how the day goes by, you can be in full control over how your day can affect you mentally and emotionally. Not all battles are meant for us to fight. We get to choose those that matter. The key benefit of using gratitude to connect with our customers and selling them trust along with the product, food or service they are availing of is the reason why we are still needed in our job. This is your chance to help your employer keep the business running, which means the company has a better chance at surviving and keeping people including you employed. We will talk more about applying these two principles in our next episode. See you then!



We would like to end this episode with a few questions to help you practice what Gabe shared with us: 

  1. What are your blockers at work that prevent you from focusing 100% on the customers inside your store or restaurant? Make a list and start classifying if they are urgent or important. Here's a quick reminder, all other tasks are secondary to serving the customers in front of you. Serving customers will always be URGENT AND IMPORTANT.
  2. What kind of emotion do you feel when you hear the words, “Customer Service”? Let's use self-awareness to identify what this triggers you to feel. 
  3. How do you define Customer Service in the work that you do? Having your own definition based on your work will help you apply what we will cover in Episode 8. 

If you have questions about this episode, please visit the Reboot website and send me a message. Thank you for joining.