The COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented and unparalleled challenge to the service industry. As uncertainties rise about restarting the business operations again, industry experts and founders of SatisFIND, Michelle Perez Patel and Gabe Baradi address these concerns. Equipped with their 35 years combined experience in enhancing customer experience through upskilling frontliners, they share their insights and expertise to help and guide business owners, managers, frontliners, and anybody in the service industry to resume their operations and rebuild the business after a pause.

Let's REBOOT together.

What is

Michelle Perez Patel and Gabe Baradi, co-founders of SatisFIND, sit down to address the need of the hour. Equipped with 35 years combined experience in enhancing customer satisfaction, they address the growing concerns relating to restarting the business operations again, and getting back on track through a YouTube learning series called the REBOOT program. The series will be available for free on the SatisFIND Facebook page and will include twenty short learning videos focusing on insights and practical applications of the skills for business owners, managers, front line staff and anybody else in the service industry. The aim is to help teams and businesses prepare for and transition back into regular operations from Day ONE of their business reboot. Let’s REBOOT together.


In preparing for Day ONE of reopening our stores, restaurants, hotels and offices, we need to work through feelings of anxiety and grief, and find hope as a team and as a company.

REBOOT in the context of the service industry signifies:

  • Surviving
  • Communicating
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Rebuilding

Meet your REBOOT Coaches

Michelle Perez Patel

  • 15 years in Mystery Shopping, Market Research and Customer Insighting
  • 5 years in Brand Management

Gabe Baradi

  • 20 years in Training and Development
  • 6 years in Hospitality and Customer Service


SatisFIND is a platform that allows businesses to connect with their real customers, thus bridging the widening gap between customer expectations and service delivery. It is a simple, intuitive platform where businesses can request customer experience surveys from a base of real customers. These customers, known as SatisFINDERS, then share their real experiences with the business. SatisFIND draws insights from these customer stories, which the business can then view, in the form of reports. This enables businesses to hear from their biggest stakeholders, their customers. By closing the feedback loop, businesses keep both their customers as well as employees happy, because customer experience directly correlates to employee experience and vice versa.

How we are responding to COVID-19

For the last 15 years, SatisFIND has been supporting the service industry by helping businesses connect with customers through experience feedback and surveys. At the heart of our mission is to enable and empower the service frontliners because without their active participation, we won’t achieve consistent customer delight.

While many frontiners in healthcare and retail continue to report for work to support their communities and their own livelihoods, a large number of frontliners are forced to stay indoors but unable to work from home. SatisFIND is responding to this reality by giving back to the service industry in our own way. We are sharing with you the REBOOT learning videos for free to help upskill your frontliners and employees, who are eagerly awaiting to return to work. We hope we could help you and your teams prepare for business continuity during these challenging times.